Vancouver Challenge Cup 2014 Organizers

Vancouver Challenge Cup Is About Community

The VCC believes passionately about spreading the incredible world of ballroom dance to people of all ages and backgrounds. We aspire to create exciting, unique and unforgettable events, which will serve to nurture and develop the artistry and talent of our local dancers, as well as delight and motivate audiences to get up out of the their seats and dance! Our vision is to bring greater health, happiness and well-being into the lives of people in our community and beyond.

One of the main reasons for the inception of the Vancouver Challenge Cup is to fill the void of competitions here in our local community. With the closing of the Grand Ballroom (the largest ballroom in the Greater Vancouver Area) at the end of 2013, we are losing 2 very well-attended competitions per year. In addition, since the Snowball Classic has moved their competition to November, and the Vancouver Open will not be held this year; we were left with only 2 competitions in Vancouver for 2014.

In order for our dancers to grow and develop, they need competitions to test their skills; and in order for our dance community to survive, we need to come together as a group to spread the world of ballroom dance to everyone around us.

The VCC hopes that everyone will come out and support our new competition and that it will be a fun and unforgettable event that will be put on annually for all to enjoy.


Our Organizing Committee

Michel Guimond

Michel Guimond

Michel started ballroom dancing in Laval, QC and competed as a junior amateur in 1969. He became a professional competitor in 1980. He took his first certification as a dance instructor from La Corporation des Professeurs de Danse du Québec in 1992 in both the Latin and Standard divisions and then proceed with his International Style certifications with CDTA Québec. In 1993 Michel moved to Calgary where he became a prominent coach and choreographer to many amateur and professional competitors. His frequent coaching trips to Vancouver in the mid 90's prompted him to move to Vancouver in 1996 and establish himself as a resident instructor at The Grand Ballroom. Now you can find him in both The Grand Ballroom(for a few more months) and Broadway Ballroom. Michel has always been active in the dance community. He served as President of CDTA Alberta in 1994/1995 and in March 2000, became the Chairman for CDTA — BC Branch Ballroom Division. Chairman of judges in countless Canadian Closed Amateur and Professional Championships and International Adjudicator and now a co-producer of the Vancouver Challenge Cup 2014!

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Clara Shih Marasigan

Clara Shih Marasigan

Clara has always been passionate about music and dance from an early age. Through her childhood years, she played the piano and drums, and was involved in Chinese Folk Dance and Jazz dance. It was not until she hit University (UBC Dance Club) that she developed an addiction to ballroom dancing.

Instead of attending her UBC graduation ceremony, Clara went to her first British Open Festival in Blackpool. As it does with many, the magical experience of dancing to the Empress Orchestra hooked her for life! During her competitive career, Clara was a multiple time undefeated BC Standard champion, and placed second in Canada. She did extensive training in England & Italy with the World's best teachers, and participated in competitions all over the world.

Now, over 15 years later, Clara (together with her dance partner and husband Joel) is director and co-founder of JC Dance Co. and mother of two adorable little girls. Their company, JC Dance Co., is known for coaching some of the top dancers in BC, for their innovative workshops and for their performance teams that go out into the community to raise awareness of the wonderful world of ballroom dance.

Clara's goal is to inspire people to discover the true essence of ballroom dancing and to help people lead healthy and balanced lifestyles through dance. Her teaching style, "strict but with a smile", shows that her focus and attention to detail always comes in a positive light; which is the approach she will bring to the organization of the Vancouver Challenge Cup.

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David Marasigan

David Marasigan

David has been in competed in ballroom dancing for many years with highlights including an undefeated local season in 2012. He's an active member in the BC dance community with strong ties to the UBC Dance Club and JC Dance Co. He has been involved with the execution of multiple events within the ballroom community as well as the outlying dance community including the Goh Ballet and the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Outside of the ballroom you can find him working hard on his professional photography and videography. He's the designer of this website and can be contacted for any of your marketing needs. Outside of that, you can find him carving up the local mountains on his skis, or kicking back with his friends for late night sushi.

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