Ballroom Dancing


Competitor Registration can be done through email, in person, or online through O2CM for both Amateur and Pro-Am competitions. Please note that there are entry fees associated for all entries. Although is it now passed our official December 20th registration deadline, we will continue to accept registration on the condition that it does not change our schedule. Please register as normal and we will notify you if there are any problems. There will be a $15 late fee added for all late registrants.

All payments must be complete by December 26th 2016. Unpaid registrations after this date will be subject to a $15 late fee. Click here for more info on our fee schedule.

Register Online

Online registration is through O2CM. Click here to be redirected to the O2CM website.
**Payment Update**
Due to technical difficulties, we are not recieveing payments via O2CM at this time. After registration on O2CM, you will receive an invoice via email with instructions on how to complete your fee payments online. Emails are not instant as we make these manually, so please allow one to two days. If you have placed your registration in by Midnight December 20th, no late fees will be charged unless payments are not received by Devember 26th.

**Please note that your registration is complete after finishing Step 4 on the registration page. There are no remaining steps to complete, and we will automatially recieve notification of your registration. If you would like to double check everything went through, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Register By Email Or In Person

Our downloadable and printable registration forms are located below. You can either drop them off with an organizer or scan and send forms to:

Amateur Registration Forms

Amateur Registration Form (286kb PDF)
Additional Kids Registration Form (273kb PDF)
Amateur Rules and Regulations (330kb PDF)

NDCC Membership Registration

All amateur competitors dancing in sanctioned events are required to be registered with NDCC. The registration form can be downloaded from the NDCC website or you can register directly online.
Click here to go to NDCC online registration

Pro-Am Registration Forms

Pro-Am Single Dance (498kb PDF)
Pro-Am Solo & Multi-Dance & One Dance (558kb PDF)
Pro-Am Rules and Regulations (328kb PDF)